Adipex is both a stimulant and a weigh loss aid. In this way, it can suppress your appetite while simultaneously providing a boost of energy to help you in the completion of your daily chores.

Adipex consists of a very strong mixture of drugs, however, it will not make you lose weight on its own. You must also eat sensibly and get some exercise.

Highlights on Adipex:

* Adpex Comes With a Doctor’s Supervision This medication requires a prescription and medical supervision. This can be a plus in weight loss, since having your doctor monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed can be helpful and motivating. Remember that it can be costly.

* Only Prescribed For Obesity in Extreme Cases As prescribing Adipex can raise liability issues for doctors, it is only prescribed in cases of extreme need today. It is only available for people who are morbidly obese.

Ingredients Contained in Adipex The sole active ingredient in Adipex that we were able to confirm officially and reliably is Phenetermine Hydrochloride.

Positive Aspects of Taking Adipex

*Might be Regulated Better Than Other Diet Medications Close supervision can be a positive point for many people seeking weight loss. As you must go through your doctor to get Adipex, and frequent check ups are required, it is like adding your doctor as a team member in your weight loss program.

* Appetite Suppression This is one of the most popular weight loss methods in use today. When you take Adipex, your appetite will be suppressed, so you will not want to eat as much. To put it simply, you will be more likely to be successful at losing weight if you use this along with a healthy diet.

* Energy Boosting Experience Similar to an amphetamine, Adipex is a stimulant that boosts the central nervous system. So a person who takes Adipex gets a boost in energy, although, this has caused insomnia in a number of Adipex users.

Negative Aspects of Adipex

* Do not try to buy Adipex online. it is a prescription drug that must be monitored by a doctor. It is against the law to sell it on the Internet. Nonetheless, these regulations have not prevented charlatans from selling a placebo (sugar pill) for sky-high prices, sometimes as much as $500 for three months worth.

* Severe Side Effects Have Been Experienced By Those Who Have Taken Adipex. As is the case with a number of other prescription medications for weight loss, some disturbing side effects have been linked to Adipex. Be warned that it acts as a laxative. Just imagine, that is just one of the side effects.

o Out of the ordinary feelings of happiness (euphoria)
o Strange unpleasant feelings (dysphoria)
o Dry mouth
o Insomnia
o Hyperactivity
o Restlessness
o Bad taste
o Loose Bowel Movements
o Constipation
o Sexual issues
o Dizziness.