Reasons for Obesity

Although many people suffer from obesity, very few people actually realize exactly what obesity is. In most people’s opinions, obesity is simply a situation in which the body weighs more than is normal. This is too simplistic a view of the condition. Obesity is a condition where dangerous levels of weight and body fat have been reached, and the condition can cause a range of illnesses.

How does obesity develop?

Obesity is caused by far more than simple eating or exercise habits. All sorts of different things can cause obesity. In addition to physical factors, obesity is also caused by genetics, social factors and environmental factors. These issues work together to cause obesity.

Social Factors

Many habits are developed in two stages in a person’s lifetime — early childhood and the teenage years. Eating habits are developed at those times too. This is a correct time for a person to develop healthy eating habits. Parents have a great deal of influence in this respect. Parents should make healthy eating a pleasurable experience for children. Because children readily learn behavior and habits from what they observe, parents should ensure that the habits they learn are the right ones.

Factors in the environment

There is an exposure to new foods when your child begins to attend school. This is where schools have a part to play. It’s a sad fact that schools generally don’t care very much about your child’s nutrition. Schools generally offer mainly junk foods, which teach your children bad eating habits.

As one enters the teen years, he or she becomes a member of certain groups of friends. Your children’s friends will have a huge impact on his or her eating habits. For example, dining in fast food establishments is preferred by lots of groups. Whether the pressure is direct or indirect, children and teenagers feel pressure to eat foods similar to their peers and much of that food is not healthy.

Genetic factors

A person can do nothing about genetic factors. Genetic factors are our biological inheritance from our parents and ancestors.

There are a number of dangers inherent in obesity. They range from mere lethargy to life threatening conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart attack.